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1905 Heine Recondition
A nice reconditioning job gets a great response.
1916 Emerson Upright Rebuild
The top section of the treble bridge had many cracks which were causing poor tonality
1920's Baldwin Baby Grand Reconditioning
Reconditioning work on a 1920s Baldwin Grand piano
A new grand piano lid
Woodworking skills -- Creating a new lid for a grand piano
A new life for Stieff 28334
planning for the rebuild of Stieff Grand Piano no. 28334
A Singer Sewing Machine is not a Piano
A singer sewing machine is not a piano. But I accepted the challenge of restoring a sewing machine ...
Adam Schaaf - Regulation
The photos which follow show new hammers installed in the action and regulation in progress.
Adam Schaaf Player Piano -- Bottom Up
An Adam Schaaf player piano recently arrived in my shop for a complete rebuild.   I'll be doing ...
Adam Schaaf Player Piano - Preparation for Restringing
After completing work on the bottom board and keyframe, I'm preparing the piano for restringing.
Chickering Quarter Grand Keybed
Work is now complete on the key set and key frame of the 1916 Chickering Quarter Grand. This work ...
Grand Piano leg repair
The casters on a grand piano are purely decorative! Attempting to move a grand piano by rolling on ...
Rebuild of Schilling and Sons Upright
Sometime around 1959, in Raymond Washington, I had my first piano lesson. It was on this piano: ...
Repairing a Broken Console Piano Leg
The legs of a console or spinet piano are a very weak structure. Proper moving procedures require ...
Repairing the bottom board of an upright piano
This bottom board split, causing malfunction of the pedals.
Repairing the Bottom Beam of an Upright Piano
Showing some repair work to the back structure of an upright piano
Schilling and Sons – Pedal Board Replacement
Replacing a broken pedal board
Schilling and Sons: Replacing Dampers and Hammers
Photos showing installation of dampers and hammers
Schillings and Sons: Completion
This piano is ready to go home again.  It is performing well and looking good.  Final tasks were ...
Schilling & Sons: Case repair
Amateur movers frequently damage the lower corner of upright pianos.  Shown here is my approach to ...
Schilling & Sons: Pinblock work
As noted in the previous post, the pinblock in this piano had separated from the back posts.  ...
Stieff Rebuild - New sharps
Quality is a collection of small details.  And for every piano, the first thing the pianist ...
Stieff Rebuild - Soundboard Preliminaries
An update on the Rebuild of Stieff 28334 has been a long time in coming.   I've been disappointed ...
Stieff Rebuild - Soundboard tapering and ribs
The soundboard was tapered (diaphramized in Steinway terminology).   First contour lines were ...
Stieff Rebuild - Tear Down
Week 15? Yes. I made no progress on the project for the past 10 weeks. Oh my. Interruptions were a ...
Stieff Rebuild – Leg Plates
The piano was prepared for its trip to the refinishing shop. It's there now. I anticipate its ...
Stieff Rebuild – Soundboard Arrival
I am grateful for my customers, and they are taking my time! The Stieff Rebuild is not moving ...
Stieff Rebuild - Refinishing
I expect to have more time for the rebuild in November, after I finish the rebuild of a fine, old ...
Stieff Rebuild - the Beginning
New WNG parts for the action were ordered two years ago. The three photos in the sequence here ...
Stieff Rebuild – Keyframe Preparation
I completed some more work related to the key frame, and the mind is spinning with plans for the ...

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