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Year: 2017

Adam Schaaf Player Piano - Preparation for Restringing
After completing work on the bottom board and keyframe, I'm preparing the piano for restringing.
Adam Schaaf Player Piano -- Bottom Up
An Adam Schaaf player piano recently arrived in my shop for a complete rebuild.   I'll be doing ...
Drill Press Chip Ejection
When boring piano hammers, keeping chips away from the jig surface is a constant need.  I was ...
Old technology meets new: Installing pedals on an upright piano
While installing pedals on a 90 year old upright piano, I had the opportunity to upgrade ...
Trimming Damper Heads
I wanted to trim 4 mm from Tokiwa damper heads for better geometry in a 1927 Leonard upright. ...
Stieff Rebuild - Soundboard tapering and ribs
The soundboard was tapered (diaphramized in Steinway terminology).   First contour lines were ...
Stieff Rebuild - Soundboard Preliminaries
An update on the Rebuild of Stieff 28334 has been a long time in coming.   I've been disappointed ...
Kawai Studio For Sale
Wishing you could afford a new Kawai Studio Piano?
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