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Duane McGuire, RPT
Currently, I am not accepting new work. Instead, I'm busy restoring the many classic pianos I've acquired over the years. It's time to put schedules and due dates behind me. Local piano tuners I recommend are listed here.

-- Duane McGuire, RPT

Duane McGuire, Registered Piano Technician

Music, pianos, and technology have been lifelong passions for me. My work as a piano technician allows me to be immersed in all of these. With a nice shop to work in, with pianos inviting me to the work, and with customers enjoying my work, I’m in a good spot!

I started learning piano repair and rebuilding skills in 1973 as a hobbyist. For many years, my piano work remained in the hobbyist mode while pursuing career interests in education, engineering, software, woodworking and even pipe organ building. In 2007, I chose to redirect all of that experience to work as a full-time piano technician. There’s no looking back! I love this business.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed documenting a number of my piano projects in this blog. If you find things of interest, feel free to ask questions or to comment by email.

–Duane McGuire, RPT

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