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Kawai Studio For Sale

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Wishing you could afford a new Kawai Studio Piano?

After complete reconditioning in my shop, this sweet Kawai studio plays like new. Smooth responsive touch. Lovely voicing. Full dynamic response. You can have it all -- except for a new piano price and except for a perfect finish. This piano was manufactured in 1973, and the case shows wear, but we've touched it up and polished it so that it looks good. Not showroom good, but living room good.


Services performed:

  • Re-shaped and voiced hammers to develop a lustrous tonal response
  • Leveled keyboard
  • Regulated the action, for full dynamic expression.
  • Case repairs and touch up
  • Cleaned and polished case
  • Reconditioned pedals and trapwork
  • Tuned to concert pitch

Come and play! A great buy for family with intermediate students! I like playing it!

The sale includes:

  • Bench
  • One free in-home tuning ($120 value)
  • Free “normal delivery” (No difficult turns, 4 or fewer steps) in Davis or Weber Counties ($250 value)

Thanks for looking!

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