McGuire Piano
Showing past work of Duane McGuire, retired piano technician

Year: 2016

Chickering Quarter Grand Keybed
Work is now complete on the key set and key frame of the 1916 Chickering Quarter Grand. This work ...
Kawai Studio Piano - SOLD
This Kawai studio piano was built in Japan in 1973. I recently completed reconditioning of this ...
The Good Work
I paused for a moment in my work this morning to realize that I was doing exactly what I wanted to ...
Grand Piano Regulation
This week I spent a day at a customer's home in Ogden, regulating a Yamaha GH1 made in 1993. It ...
Upright Hammer installation
Installation of piano hammers from boring to playing
1916 Emerson Upright Rebuild
The top section of the treble bridge had many cracks which were causing poor tonality
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