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Stieff Rebuild - the Beginning

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New WNG parts for the action were ordered two years ago. The three photos in the sequence here compare new wippens to old. The new wippens will be installed with a tall heel, unlike what is pictured here.

The Stieff was recently moved out to the shop, and first steps taken were to clean keys and key frame with bead blast.  In this effort I used corn cob grit media, "Grit-O'cob" from Anderson's Cob Products.

After cleaning, key pins were removed. New WNG key pins will be installed. The maple feet for the action support brackets were removed. Newly sized feet will be installed to place the action stack at the optimal height.

Key frame after cleaning

Additional views of the old action are shown in the group below:

The knuckles are rock hard and noisy

Take note of "W N & G" cast in the action stack

The Stieff has a massive rim!

The massive rim of the Stieff piano

Interestingly, the soundboard and ribs sit above the inner rim. Though I had been under this piano many times in the past ten years, I had not noticed that. While talking about the project at WESTPAC, Dale Erwin mentioned that quirk to me. Apparently he has quite a piano technology database stored in his head.

Another view of the rim

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