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A new grand piano lid

Category: Shop Work, Case Repairs

I recently acquired (very inexpensively) a 6' 4" Knabe grand piano made in the 1950s.   The instrument is in  good rebuildable condition.  The case is in horrible condition, having lived in a school for many years.  I decided that to bring the piano back to its glory, that a major woodworking project was needed.   I will be re-veneering the entire case to give the piano a like new look.

The lid of the piano was a special concern, since the edge profile was severely damaged.   Ultimately, I decided that I would build a new lid for the piano.   The photo series below tells the story.

This project stretched my skills as it took me into new turf! The nature of the project was one of continual refinement to the materials. As such each step increased the risk cost value! So at each step, my stress increased as did the potential for ruin! Lots of time and dollars here.

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