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Adjustable Action Model - Grand Piano

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As I prepare to do a complete action replacement on my 1911 Steiff piano, I wanted to be as rigorous as possible with analysis of the old, as I prepare to make modest changes to action geometry.   To move in that direction, I built an adjustable action model which will allow me to document the old geometry outside of the piano, and to mock up the new geometry.

The action model shown allows for independent adjustment of each pertinent dimension.   The model was built following the design of Bruce Clark of Wessel, Nickel and Gross.   It was fun to build, even though I've been putting it off for two years, now (I took WNG's action replacement class in 2012).

The only significant changes that I made to Mr. Clark's design, was to use machine screws and threaded inserts for attachments.   He had specified sheet metal screws for attachments.  The threaded inserts should provide for a long lasting connector. Adjustable Grand Piano Action Model

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