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Over the course of my piano career, I've been over-zealous in my acquisition of pianos! Listed here are the rebuildable vintage pianos I have in inventory. My intention is to rebuild each of these to the height of their potential. Realistically though, given their number and my age, it may not be possible.

I list them here because there may be a piano technician of fewer years and more energy who would want to restore one of these pianos. I am not interested in offering these for retail sale, unless it also includes the completion of a full rebuild project.

For sale to a piano technician as-is, prices would vary from several hundred to multiple thousands of dollars. Let me know of any interest.

All are listed in the order I expect to restore them, unless their destiny changes.
1. Steinway Console 40" #323555
Reconditioning work has included new keytops, new hammers, and regulation. To acheive it's full potential this piano should be refinished and restrung.
2. Steinway Model O #135726 (1909)
This is the piano I play every day. When I acquired it, it was unplayable due its age and vertigris in the action parts. It was restrung sometime in the past. I installed new hammers, shanks, and wippens, so it is a fine piano to play. Rick Baldassin and company did the premium keyboard restoration. To reach its full potential it needs a new soundboard and refinishing.
3. Steinway Model O #117260 (1905)
All original. Unplayable. Action centers have a serious case of vertigris. But, you know, it's a Steinway.
4. Charles Stieff 6'3" Grand (Pre 1920)
All original. Yes. Another Charles Stieff. Currently tunable and playable. But it deserves so much more.
5. Knabe 6'4" Grand (1950?)
This poor piano survived life in a school. It has lots of life left. It's just extremely ugly right now. The lid was trashed. I built a new lid for it and went on to other shiny objects.
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