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Available later this year

This piano is the joint project of myself and my trainee, JD Kohler. When complete it will rival any studio piano of similar size.

As a training project, we have taken the opportunity to dive deeply to complete a very thorough restoration of this piano. In fact, because we had no particular constraints, we are making significant improvements to what the piano was when it left the factory.

Aspects of our restoration:

  • Complete restringing, including:
    • New pinblock inserts, ensuring a long life
    • New bass strings by Mapes
    • Redesigned stringing scale for a smooth transition from bass to tenor sections
    • New nickel plated tuning pins
  • New German hammers by Abel
  • New hammer butts by Tokiwa
  • New premium keytops on reconditioned keys
  • Fully reconditioned trapwork
  • Refinishing the case with it's beautiful bookmatched veneers

This piano is probably from the 1940s, but we cannot date it specifically. The fallboard shows the name, "Thomas," but no piano manufacturer of that name matches a piano of this style and period. Throughout the history of piano making in America, some manufacturers offered un-branded pianos to major dealers who placed their own name on the piano. These pianos are known in the industry as "stencil pianos." This piano is assuredly one of those. Given what we are putting into this piano, perhaps the new stencil will be "McGuire-Kohler".

This piano will be an excellent purchase for  beginning and intermediate piano students.  It would also be at home in the studio of a piano teacher.

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