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A new restoration project: Hamilton Player Piano (1915)

Category: Shop Work

With much enthusiasm, work has begun on the restoration of Hamilton-Baldwin #79830. This is a player piano originally manufactured in 1915. It is my privilege to perform a complete restoration on this piano.

For a player to work well, it must be part of an excellent piano, so work starts with the piano. I've started that work by restoring the keyframe of the piano. The keybed and frame had quite a collection of junk, and keypins showed some corrosion. Out with the old, and in with the new!

The keybed and keyframe were sanded and scraped clean. New keypins, backrail cloth and punchings were installed. Where icky spills had stained the keybed, I covered it up with black lacquer -- just because. Natural wood got a coat of lacquer sanding sealer after clean-up.

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