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Trim-O-Saw Trims Key Fronts
Putting the Trim-O-Saw to work trimming keyfronts
Chickering Ampico Reproducing Piano
Look what followed me home!
1915 Hamilton Baldwin Player Piano Restoration G Case
With the player complete, the final step in this project was to make repairs to the case. ...
A Piano Finds a Home: My Home!
Pianos get attached to you. But as a piano technician (and with certain exceptions
Upright Piano Pinblock Inserts
Pinblock restoration in a vertical piano
Amateur Machinist: Tuning Lever Extension
Making a useful tool improvement for piano stringing with new machinist skills
Hamilton Player Piano Restoration: Keys
The keys of a piano are the user interface
A new restoration project: Hamilton Player Piano (1915)
With much enthusiasm, work has begun on the restoration of Hamilton-Baldwin #79830 (1915)
Weber Baby Grand Piano
A small grand piano, expertly reconditioned to like new condition.
Repairing the Bottom Beam of an Upright Piano
Showing some repair work to the back structure of an upright piano
A Singer Sewing Machine is not a Piano
A singer sewing machine is not a piano. But I accepted the challenge of restoring a sewing machine ...
Kawai Howard Grand Piano
I have enjoyed playing it immensely, and the piano has received rave reviews by other pianists.
Schilling & Sons: Pinblock work
As noted in the previous post, the pinblock in this piano had separated from the back posts.  ...
Schillings and Sons: Completion
This piano is ready to go home again.  It is performing well and looking good.  Final tasks were ...
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